Experience the soundDemo suite from Signia (formerly Siemens Hearing Aids), and demo our Primax hearing aids

SoundDemo Suite and Primax Aid Demonstration

Northumberland Hearing Center invites you to experience the soundDemo Suite by Signia.  (Formerly Siemens hearing aids.) Siemens representatives will be present at the event. Product Specialist Stewart Birnbaum, Augiologist, and Steve Braden, BC-HIS, will demonstrate this truly amazing live experience. You will hear for yourself what a difference primax hearing aids can make in your life.

What is the soundDemo Suite?

Signia’s soundDemo Suite combines informational videos, product demonstrations, and real-life hearing scenarios (such as speech, music, and background sounds) to help you understand your hearing capabilities and the benefits you can gain from Signia’s primax hearing instruments.

Event Dates and Locations

Check back soon for upcoming demonstrations at our Northumberland and Millersburg locations.